Our Services

For Business:

We provide a complete range of services to support businesses with all their compliance, development and financial needs . We recognize that while you know your products or services better than anyone else, having expert advice behind you is vital to your business operating as efficiently and cost - effectively as possible. Our services are designed to give you the information you need to make the right decisions and the time and the freedom to focus on running and building your business. Setting up a business in India is complex, time- consuming, and involves a number of processes or approvals.

This process can be a daunting task for first time entrepreneurs and foreign companies who are not familiar with Indian Requirements. By acting as a consolidator, LEAF can free up your management and finance organization from the complex maze of Indian requirements allowing you to focus on Growing your business.

Company Secretarial

For Individuals:

From working closely with our clients, we understand that their business and private lives are closely inter linked. So we offer a range of services designed to deliver personal financial and tax efficiency, both now and in the future.

Self Assesment
Tax Compliance
Tax Planning
International Taxation
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Auditing Services